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Due to COVID affecting our customers and ourselves we currently have reduced staffing and as such our processing times may be slightly delayed. At present we are picking and packing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cut-off for shipping days may be the day before to allow all orders first in the queue to be processed. If you have an urgent order, or were wondering when your order will be processed please don't hesitate to ring and check, and we will do our best to accommodate requests....
Thank you everyone for you patience and understanding at this time.
-The Blackgum Team

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Blackgum Distribution Services currently deals in sales of a variety of Tasmanian products including, but not limited to: Books (covering a wide variety of topics and formats), CD's, DVD's, Postcards, Gift Cards, Maps, Magazines and much more.


Featured Titles Last updated: Tuesday, 19th October 2021
Tasmania's Southern Forest DVD
Stories from Tasmania's Southern Forest - Logging, sawmilling, shipping.
The dense hardwood forests of Southern Tasmania, bordering the D'Entre... more
Rina-Mapali Nimina & Kalikina (lots of shells grasses and seaweeds)
Written by Aunty Lola Greeno, rina-mapali, nimina & kalinkina gives us an insight into her cultural practices and the materials she uses, her conn... more
Sea Country
Set on Flinders Island
Both author and illustrator from Tasmania

Age range 0 to 9 Summer is the season for ripening wild cherrie... more
2022 Tasmania Calendar Small
Award winning landscape photographer Mike Calder captures the heart and soul of Tasmania's rugged beauty on film. Mike Calder produces a range of phot... more
Houses & Estates of Old Glamorgan Revised 2nd edition
*Updated and Amended*
Houses and Estates of Old Glamorgan is an extensively researched, referenced and richly illustrated book documenting thir... more
A Unique Photo Album of Road Travelling in Tasmania
A Unique Photo Album of Road Travelling in Tasmania is a random collection of photos from the library of Tasmanian author L J Morley of car and motorc... more
Coming Soon
Tasmania Street Directory 22nd Edition
The new edition of the Tasmania Street Directory has been fully revised and updated and includes:

Hobart & Launceston with suburb,... more
Great Properties of Tasmania
A stunningly illustrated celebration of the remarkable rural properties of Tasmania

When celebrated English novelist Anthony Trollope ... more
Undiscovered Tasmania
Undiscovered Tasmania is your travel guide to the real Tasmania. Beyond the usual tourist attractions, this small island is brimming with special plac... more
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